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DataViz for WABCO’s TX-FuelCompass

In 2018, WABCO gave Jetpack.AI the opportunity to participate in the development of a big data analytics solutions to optimise fuel spendings: TX-FuelCompass. Bringing expertise in operational analytics, Jetpack’s focus was the development of the visual interfaces of the solution.

“When managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, smaller individual optimisations can make a big difference.” At Jetpack, we work hard to make such small differences a reality in your business.

WABCO already presented TX-FuelCompass in September at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Germany, as a part of WABCO’s global technology leadership display. At Jetpack.AI we are proud of the work accomplished with WABCO’s talented teams and partners. We are now looking forward to see the next developments get out there.

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