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We crunch your data, identify opportunities for analytics, build prototypes and pilot initiatives to test analytics' value creation in real life.


We turn data science into operational apps and embed them in your day-to-day. To maximize our impact, we develop tailor-made software applications using cutting edge technologies.


We are a diversified team of software developers and data scientists that excels in predictive modeling, machine learning, optimisation, data visualisation, etc…


01 Understand your business needs

We embrace the Lean Startup methodology with at its core the build-measure-learn feedback loop. We identify and quantify your business levers to develop a prototype that delivers customer value as quickly as possible. From then, we can learn from the real-life feedback to improve and expand.

02 Analytics-as-a-service

Data science expertise at your service. We help you crack use-cases you identified by putting them to the test, assessing their value and show how their complex underlying problems could be cracked.

03 Software-as-a-service

We build tailor-made apps for your use cases, delivering production-grade, maintainable code adapted to your technological stack & infrastructure. We infuse your teams and your business with operational analytics, yielding your company a strong and rapid ROI.

04 Datalab-as-a-service

With our entrepreneurial and research backgrounds, we will fuel your AI-driven innovation journey and help you further the frontiers of your business. Let's shoot for the moon together!