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What is the ROI of your promotional activities? The effects of promotional activities are complex. We can help you untangle them and answer key questions, like

  • How much traffic, sales, margin were generated by a promotion, by the loyalty card?
  • How many customer would have bought without the promo?
  • How many increased their sales? Stocked products?
  • Are there cross-sell effects in your assortment? Across categories?
  • Do we detect halo effect or cannibalisation from product introductions or promotions?

We also develop analytical solutions that support your teams in their day-to-day

  • Real-time monitoring of shops’ sales performance
  • Predictive promotions design tool


Massive opportunities have emerged with the rise of IoT and sensors. 

Key use cases include:

  • Asset tracking, planning and usage analytics
  • Predictive maintenance and planning optimisation
  • Fuel efficiency: asset and driver performance, refill optimisation
  • Driver behaviour: eco-driving, safety, compliance
Pictures from Unsplash: Mall: Robin Spielmann, Trucks: Ivan Bandura, Telecom tower: Tony Stoddard