We are a data analytics company – more specifically, operational analytics.

Brussels Airport becomes the majority shareholder of Jetpack, a company specialising in big data and artificial intelligence

Who, what, when, where and how?

Every business has data. About sales, orders, consumption, replenishment, deliveries, payments. Names, dates, prices, addresses, emails. Search queries, browsing histories. Website traffic. Store traffic. Customers, staff, buyers, products, marketing campaigns. It’s endless. Used in the right way, it’s hugely valuable and can transform your business. But just lying around in a computer? It’s not doing you any good! We help you examine your data. Identify what you have, what you can do with it, what is useful (and what’s not) and how you can transform, enrich and use it. We help you understand your data and set it in motion. So you and your teams can take action. Put simply, we wake up your data and put it to work.

Awakening data

Operational analytics

Operational analytics look at data in the moment to inform day-to-day actions. It’s a type of business analytics that focuses on measuring real-time operations and using data analysis and business intelligence to improve everyday operations in real time.


Operations, systems and data analysis

We analyse your business, your systems and your data. We extract information, organise it and enrich it, to reveal patterns, trends and behaviours.

Finding meaning in your data

We help you extract value out of data by turning facts into insights. Insights into actions. Creating “Aha!” moments that help you change your business tactics.

Solutions just for you

We build data products: analytical solutions tailormade to your specific business and your precise needs. Solutions that your team can easily use – day to day – to monitor, read and understand your data. So that they can take action.

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“Simple, well-timed, analytical insights can change the way you operate.”

Karim Douieb